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Check us out in the "Spirit of Invitation" Video

posted 4 Mar 2015, 13:45 by Gary van der Meer   [ updated 4 Mar 2015, 13:48 ]

Think about it!

This fun video includes beautiful scenes of us - mostly shaking hands, running in the rain with umbrellas, and making people feel comfortable hanging out with us. See if you can recognize people you know.

Published in December 2014, the video has the following introduction about being invited:
Home explores our preconceived notion of what Christian invitation might involve. From obnoxious sales tactics to simply avoiding the topic, it’s safe to say that many of us have some issues. But, what if invitation begins at home? What if the first question isn’t about how we invite others - but about how we explore and deepen our faith in community, inviting one another back in again and again.
This is part of a series:
Episode 1: Table
Episode 2: Home
Episode 3: Joy
Episode 4: Us
Episode 5: One
Episode 6: Go

Have a look at them all: