Let's Stay Connected - e-newsletter - 18 June 2020

Post date: Jun 18, 2020 2:57:43 PM

Dear Friends,

Please join us for worship this Sunday. Note our changed worship times. The Worship Video is available on YouTube as of Saturday 12:00 noon. We meet online on Zoom on Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Here are the coordinates to join us:


Sunday, June 21 - 3rd Sunday after Pentecost

Scriptures (for your advance reflection): Jeremiah 20:7-13; Matthew 10:24-39. Preacher: The Rev. Canon Gary van der Meer

--> Join us for the video uploaded to our YouTube Channel on Saturday 12:00 noon:


All St. Anne's Worship Videos are available to be watched at any time.

--> Join us on Zoom as we continue our Sunday worship Service at 10:30 a.m.

https://us02whttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81420739030 Meeting ID: 814 2073 9030

Email pastor@saintanne.ca to request password

You are also welcome to join by phone:

+1 647 558 0588 Canada

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+1 438 809 7799 Canada

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+1 647 374 4685 Canada

*We look forward to welcoming Archbishop Linda Nicholls on Sunday, June 14 - both on YouTube and on Zoom.


All the St. Anne's videos continue to be available for you to watch at any time. You will find them here:



If you have a phone and you like to take pictures, please help with the St. Anne's Worship Videos! The weekly prayers feature God's Creation aka NATURE. This is great preparation for our arts festival about the environment - we hope it happens this fall but stay tuned as the response to coronavirus evolves.

In the meantime, let's enjoy the Earth. Make video in movie format - with your phone on it's side to get the same rectangle aspect you see in the cinema. Birds, flowers, pondlife, cows, horses, cats and dogs, even praying (or is it preying) mantises!

Please be in touch if you have beautiful nature ideas for future videos: pastor@saintanne.ca


The worship video features a "Community Reading." That's a mashup of a bunch of us reading. Plus friends from the community. For example, this Sunday's video includes our city councillor (and Deputy Mayor) Ana Bailao and Michael Steinecke, the executive director of the Oasis Dufferin Community Centre (the food bank supported by St. Anne's. Guests are mixed in with our friends at St. Anne's - and you too can read!

Please be in touch if you would like to try it: pastor@saintanne.ca


This week, we gave thanks to God for the life of Merline Skeete. She was well-loved by the people of St. Anne's. In place of attending the funeral (restricted at this time of coronavirus), we are able to remember Merline with the photos and tributes especially added toe the funeral bulletin. The bulletin is attached - as we read, may we also pray for her and her family. Thank God for such a beautiful person.


Each week, we upload a video of music in the church. This week, listen to St. Anne's parishioner Peter Gorman's rendition of Billy Taylor's "I wish I know how it would feel to be Free." Originally recorded in November 1963, it became an unofficial anthem of the Civil Rights Movement. So appropriate for us today, given current events. Listen Here.


Each week, we share a virtual tour of the church. How appropriate, in Pride Month, that we celebrate the famous same-sex couple, Frances Loring and Florence Wyle, creators of the Gospel Medallions in the dome of the church. Tour Leader Robin Sewell gives us a fantastic 5-minutes of beauty and history. Watch it here.


We learned a prayer to say before meals. Try it - every time you eat. This is one that has stood the test of time, known by parents and grandparents, and worth teaching in your home:

We are learning a new game at Messy Church. It's called Scribbl and you can find it at http://ww25.scribbl.io/ Check it out and join us on Tuesday 5:00 p.m.

Here are the Zoom coordinates:


Meeting ID: 896 8704 5570

Request Password pastor@saintanne.ca


Honouring Fathers - a celebration on Zoom. Bring a photo of your father (or bring your father)! For those whose fathers have departed this life, we will share memories with reverence and light a candle in loving memory. We will chat briefly about the metaphor of Father for God, just as appropriate as talking about Mother for God on Mother's Day.

But the focus will be our human fathers! We will offer our gratitude and blessing, including raising a glass to honour the fathers who join us!

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 840 6370 7290

Email to Request Password - pastor@saintanne.ca


From Hannah Johnston - Bystander Training

'Bystander Intervention Training’ uses principles of non-violence to teach people to go from ‘bystanders’ - people who watch an attack or harassment taking place and feel powerless to do anything about it, to ‘upstanders’ - people who have the skills and confidence to intervene to support the targeted person and de-escalate the situation. This training was excellent! It was organised by the Toronto Chapter of the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC), and there is a brief introduction from them about Ontario’s history of discrimination against Japanese people, and the rise of hate crimes against Asian people during COVID 19. The main presentation begins at the 19 minute mark, and is a one hour training, delivered by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a US based advocacy group. The techniques taught in the training could be used when witnessing any hate crime assault in public, be it racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, or sexual harassment. They also talk about how some of the same principles can be applied when witnessing Police brutality.

Johnny and Hannah attended this training online and recommend it:


Hannah: I have also been made aware of the following upcoming online trainings from a different organisation, focusing specifically on Upstander Intervention to prevent Police Brutality and Anti-Black Racist Harassment. Follow this link to sign up to attend online: