Parish Hall Lands: Future Plans

In an effort to ensure the ongoing future viability of St. Anne’s, we are realigning our resources to better serve our mission and ministry. In consultation with the leadership of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, the parish is selling its parish hall in order to create new space for programming and community engagement. The western part of our lands – the portion of the site that currently houses the parish hall and part of the Dufferin Street parking lot – is the portion that will be sold.

While the parish hall building served a prominent role in our church and local community over the past many years, the building is no longer sustainable as it is in need of extraordinary repairs. The sale of the property will enable us to generate funds for necessary church renovations and invest in important community outreach and parish programs. The sale of this hall and surrounding property will ensure long-term financial security for the church.

The church building itself and the lands that surround it are not part of this process and will be permanently retained.

Request for Expressions of Interest

(Launched January 21, 2022)

As part of this process, we are inviting private and non-profit organizations to submit their interest in the property, through a Request for Expressions of Interest (“RFEOI”) competition. This competition, which St. Anne’s launched on January 21, 2022, is being managed by SvN Architects + Planners with support from a broader project team. They will also help us identify the level of interest in the property and select an appropriate purchaser of the site.

We have elected to undertake this RFEOI approach because we feel it will allow us to play a more formative role in the future of the site, with an ultimate goal of finding a purchaser that best fits our community and that has a vision for the site compatible with the ongoing operations of the Parish.

This competition will take many months to complete, and we hope to have an agreement in place with a potential purchaser for the site later this year.

As updates are available, we will provide further information on this page. But if you have questions or comments that you would like to provide on this process in the meantime, please direct them to and a member of the project team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in visiting the hall, please email the address above. Do not call the parish office for any information regarding the sale.