Sunday Worship

Sunday worship is an immersion experience. The Liturgy - a word from Greek that means "the work of the people" - is a collaborative experience presented by readers, musicians, intercessors, preachers, greeters.

We learn the liturgy by doing the liturgy, especially by reflecting afterwards. The scriptures we read follow a 3 year schedule that touches on all the books of the Bible. This places them in your awareness for further personal study. The sermon connected the original meaning and context of the readings to our life experiences in the world today. The music picks up on themes in the readings and expresses theology in poetic form. The prayers draw our attention and focus to other needs in the world besides our own.

We hold occasional Worship Orientation sessions to help you to understand the service. One of the best ways to learn the service is to get involved in one or more of the worship team roles.

Messy Church

Messy Church is our regular weekday gathering for children and their families. We meet weekly online and monthly in person.

Learning at Messy Church: Our activities focus on community building with learning through games and conversation. Each session focuses on a particular theme or bible story which is shared and taught.

Children are active in presenting the Sunday worship, especially in recording scripture readings for the worship video. We learn the reading that we are presenting.

Format for Online Messy Church

  • Come online at 5:00 p.m.

  • Brief Check In with all participants

  • Main Activity - Changes week by week

  • Free Chatting

  • Prayer - Think about who we pray for this week

  • Check in with Parents - All parents: please stay within earshot for our gathering and then come on together at the end for your own check in.

  • Concluding by 6:15 p.m.

Format for Live Messy Church

As we move back to in-person gatherings, we will continue to meet weekly on Zoom and add one monthly live gathering.

Safety is our priority. We can't make firm longterm plans for the future with the virus, so we will keep in touch to invite you to special occasions.

Christianity 101

Christianity 101 at St. Anne’s: Practice that brings us closer to God

Christianity as we practice it at St. Anne’s, for those seeking baptism, confirmation or marriage. And all others seeking to understand Christianity as practiced within our diverse community.

Be prepared to consider and explore:

  • Diversity and inclusiveness

  • Justice

  • Comfort to learn and grow in our own way

  • Mystery

  • The roles of music, liturgy, and art

For those seeking sacraments - baptism, confirmation, marriage - there will be additional personal time with the pastor about your particular sacrament. Those attending who are not seeking a sacrament at this time, are also welcome to have additional conversation sessions.

Each evening in the 6 session programme includes:

  • Group conversation. The diversity of participants makes for lively discussion and builds strong relationships in our community.

  • Review of assigned reading material.

  • Theme Presentation. Previous participants share in leading these presentations. All materials are rewritten and adapted to meet the needs of the group.

  • Reflecting on learning by doing: practical experiences of ministry at St. Anne's.

  • Soup at 6:30 - we hope this is helpful if you did not get to eat supper. This is not part of the evening program, but all are welcome.

  • Opening prayer at 7 pm, closing prayer at 8:45 p.m.

Reading Groups

St. Anne's holds occasional reading groups, with either a book each month or a series of evenings to focus on a particular book. These have been paused during COVID times.

Special Learning Series

St. Anne's holds occasional special learning series. These coincide particularly with Arts Exhibit events that focus on a theme.

For example:

  • The Paddling Together event included presentations on Truth & Reconciliation.

  • The Mirabilia event focused on the history of St. Anne's.

  • Our next arts event focuses on Creation, Environmentalism and Care for the Earth. We are looking forward to lectures, reading groups and films as well as hands-on nature experiences.