Sacramental Celebrations


St. Anne's welcomes your interest in Holy Baptism. We offer baptism for infants and children as well as adults. 

To learn more, we invite you to contact and meet with Fr. Don, our pastor. He will be happy to discuss baptism with you.


For those who have already been baptised, confirmation gives us a way of acknowledging that we have moved deeper into our commitment to live the Christian life. 

You may be confirmed at any age. It may be repeated as the "Reaffirmation of Baptism" as significant life experiences deepen your commitment to Christ.  If you come from another Christian tradition and wish to be "Received" into the Anglican Communion, you are also welcome to do participate.

Preparation for Confirmation, Reaffirmation or Reception includes: 

Please have a conversation with the pastor if you are interested exploring Confirmation. 


We welcome your interest in being married at St. Anne’s. We want to do everything possible to make sure your wedding is a wonderful and memorable occasion for you and your loved ones – and to help you to build the strongest possible marriage. 

We invest time and energy in every wedding we do, but recognising the many commitments of our pastoral team, we are only able to perform weddings for members of the parish. If you're not yet a member of our community, and are interested in membership, let's explore the marriage preparation process together. 

Preparation for marriage includes:

To learn more, visit our marriage page.

Please note that St. Anne's offers Equal Marriage. Same-Sex couples are very welcome.