Music at St. Anne's

Music at St. Anne’s brings people together. It supports and focuses the whole community as we join our voices to worship God. 

St. Anne’s has a long history of presenting major choral works, annual musical theatre productions, and concerts. We also have a history of partners who share with us in presenting music to the wider community. 

Music is central in our community life. Music at St. Anne's is led by our Music Director, Mervin Fick.

Music in Worship Services

There aren't many places in our culture anymore where people sing together. Worship is one of the best. 

The hymns we sing each Sunday at St. Anne's express the themes of the weekly scripture readings and bring our voices together in an experience of community. 

In addition to hymns where the choir enhances the singing of the whole community, the choir offers special music - anthems and motets in a wide range of styles - that make worship an experience of the "beauty of holiness."

St. Anne's Choir

The St Anne’s Anglican Church choir provides musical leadership for Sunday worship liturgies as well as Feast Days and special church related worship services. The choir is currently comprised of dedicated volunteer sopranos and altos and professional and volunteer tenors and basses and performs a wide range of repertoire spanning five centuries from the Renaissance to iconic 20th and 21st century anthems.

Led by Music Director Mervin W Fick, the St Anne’s choir also presents concerts and outreach performances throughout the church year in addition to musical leadership in worship.

Concerts and Recordings

St. Anne's presents concerts, usually two larger concerts each year, as well as smaller recitals of sacred music. 

St. Anne's is delighted to partner with choirs and musical groups for concerts. The church has wonderful acoustics for professional recordings. 

Please contact us to discuss availability and rates.

St. Anne's Music & Drama Society

St. Anne’s Music & Drama Society presents one of the works of Gilbert & Sullivan each year for several performances in January/February.

MADS performances are professionally costumed, skillfully staged with a large chorus, and musically enhanced by an 18-piece orchestra. Performances take place in the St. Anne's Parish Hall in the fully-equipped theatre at 651 Dufferin Street. We regret that the theatre is not wheelchair accessible.

Please contact the St. Anne's Music & Drama Society through the website: